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Our Vision

The Distinct Profession of Psychiatric Nursing is a valued partner in the continuum of health care with competent members who promote and support mental health, hope and recovery.

Our Mission

The mission of the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan is to provide Saskatchewan People with competent psychiatric nursing.

The mission involves the achievement of the following ends:

  1. Ensuring the supply of competent Registered Psychiatric Nurses
  2. Protecting the public through regulation
  3. Continual development of a body of knowledge
  4. Developing practice opportunities
  5. Advocating for quality integrated mental health services and policy


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Public Protection – Licensure, Peer Review, Standards of Practice
Member Competence – EducationCLP, Recognized RPN Practice
Accountability – PublicMembers
Compliance – ActBylawsCode of Ethics

Psychiatric Nurse's Pledge

I do hereby pledge my commitment to the psychiatric nursing profession and those entrusted to my care — endeavouring at all times to meet the holistic needs of the individual.

I will strive to gain knowledge through continuing education for the betterment of myself and my profession.

I will faithfully perform my duties and co-operate, within the bounds of my professional responsibility, with all whom I associate.

I acknowledge the dignity and challenge of my profession and accept the obligation it implies.

All of which I pledge on my honour.

The Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act