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Registered Psychiatric Nurses Of Canada Examination (RPNCE)

About the Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada Examination (RPNCE)

The RPNCE is the property of the Registered Psychiatric Nurse Regulators of Canada (RPNRC), which is composed of the Registered Psychiatric Nurse regulatory authorities for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Each Canadian provincial regulatory authority is responsible to ensure that all entry-level registered psychiatric nurses within its jurisdiction meet an acceptable level of competence before they are licensed to practice as registered psychiatric nurses. This level of competence is measured partly by the RPNCE. This process ensures that all registered psychiatric nurses practicing in those jurisdictions meet a common standard.

The RPNCE is a mandatory computer-based test (CBT) that has been designed to test the entry level competence and safety to practice of new graduates and internationally educated applicants who are seeking registration as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) in Canada.

To be eligible for registration as a registered psychiatric nurse, all initial applicants must pass the registration exam approved by the RPNAS. The approved registration exam is the Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada Examination (RPNCE).

The RPNCE is a multiple-choice exam that consists of approximately 200 questions that will test the exam writer’s understanding of entry-level competencies for registered psychiatric nurses

The examination is offered over a two-day period in January, May and October.

  1. Apply for the exam with RPNAS. A link will be provided to students in the fall and to internationally educated applicants upon meeting eligibility requirements. Click here for instructions about registration and exam requirements. If you need to request an accommodation or want to write in another province, see the application deadlines. 
  2. Purchase your exam and identify preferred writing location. Seven weeks before the exam, Meazure Learning will send you an email with instructions to register and pay for the exam, and select your preferred exam location from a predetermined list. IMPORTANT: you will have seven days to purchase your exam. If you do not purchase the exam within this window, you will not be able to write the exam and will have to wait until the next writing. To be sure you receive this email, put in your email contacts list.
  3. Wait for booking confirmation: Four weeks prior to the exam date, Meazure Learning will send you a confirmation email with your exam date, location, exam and venue rules, and confirmation of accommodations (if applicable). Follow the instructions in this email closely.   

The fee to write the RPNCE is $695 + tax per attempt. This fee is paid to the exam provider, Meazure Learning, when you register for the exam. This amount does not include RPNAS application and registration fees


Jan 24 – 25, 2024

May 15 – 23, 2024

October 16 – 22, 2024

Apply for Accommodation


Mar 8, 2024

Aug 7, 2024

Apply for Registration/Exam


Mar 15, 2024

Aug 16, 2024

Purchase Exam from Meazure Learning


Apr 2 – 9, 2024

Aug 30 – Sept 9, 2024

Schedule exam with Meazure Learning


Apr 15 – 22, 2024

Sept 13 – 20, 2024

Withdrawal without charge


May 1, 2024

Oct 2, 2024

Request for Rescore of Exam

May 2, 2024

Aug 23, 2024

Jan 29, 2025

When you register for the exam, you will be asked about your preferred writing location in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba.  While efforts will be made to schedule exam writers in their preferred writing location, venues are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.  If your preferred location is not available, Meazure Learning will work with you to determine an appropriate location.

Four weeks before the exam you will receive a confirmation email from Meazure Learning providing your exam date, location and the information you need for exam day. 

Once your exam date and location has been booked it cannot be changed. 

Any applicant who plans to take the RPNCE has the right to request an exam accommodation — a modification of exam procedures or testing conditions. The modification helps an applicant who has a physical or mental condition/disorder/disability to take the exam. It is designed to meet the particular needs of the applicant. If you require a testing accommodation, you must submit a request in writing, along with the required supporting documentation, at least 12 weeks before the examination date.

Examples of an exam accommodation

  • Additional time
  • A separate room
  • A reader

Qualifying for exam accommodation

To qualify for an exam accommodation, your request must:

  • Be based on a professionally recognized diagnosis of a disability, impairment, condition, or disorder (or any other grounds listed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, 2018, S-24.2.
  • Show how your condition/disability/disorder will interfere with your ability to take the exam, and how the accommodation you are requesting addresses it.
  • Be based on a current condition/disability/disorder, not something you no longer live with.
  • Ensure the integrity of the exam remains intact.

Requesting exam accommodation

Please email to request accommodation forms. Information is required from you, your education program, and/or your health care professional. Please fully complete these forms and gather all supporting documents required as soon as possible to help avoid delays in our review of your request. 

If you are requesting an accommodation, we recommend applying 12 weeks before you would like to take the exam.

Accommodation costs

There is no fee for requesting an accommodation; however, you are responsible for any costs associated with collecting the supporting documentation (e.g., assessment/reporting fees charged by health professionals to complete the form or submit an assessment of your diagnosis, etc.).

If you need to withdraw from the exam, please contact RPNAS as soon as possible. If you choose to withdraw less than 10 days before the exam date, you will forfeit your exam fee. Additional documentation may be required. If you choose to write the exam at a later date, you will be required to pay the exam fee again. 

The following tools are available to help you prepare for the RPNCE. 

  • RPNCE Blueprint: The RPNCE Blueprint provides a summary of the content covered in the exam and what kind of questions exam writers can expect. See page 5/26 of the Study Guide. 
  • Study Guide: The RPNCE Study Guide assists exam writers by providing information about the RPNCE, test taking and study strategies, and a bibliography of study resources. 
  • Practice test: An online practice test is available for purchase. The test includes 100 questions similar to those asked on the RPNCE. For each question, rationales are provided for correct and incorrect answers. After the test is completed, you will be sent an examination review report that includes a summary of performance.   

Third-party prep materials: We are aware that some third-party prep materials are available. While it is your choice to determine if you will find these materials useful, here is what you need to know: 

  • RPNAS does not review third-party prep courses and cannot endorse them. 
  • No third party have access to RPNCE questions. Be wary of any resource claiming to have access. 

RPNAS will notify you of your exam result approximately three weeks after your exam date. 

If you pass: You will be given a pass/fail result and information about how to register for a practicing registration.  

If you fail: You will be given a performance summary and information for registering for the next RPNCE writing. Exams with scores close to the pass mark are automatically re-scored. 

You can apply to have your examination rescored up to 12 weeks after exam day. A rescore may take up to three weeks after the request has been approved. Contact RPNAS for more information and applicable fees.