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Students and Graduate Nurses

Students and New Graduates

The information on this page applies to current students or recent graduates of an approved entry-level RPN program.

Below are the requirements to guide you through the application processes for the Register Psychiatric Nurses of Canada Exam (RPNCE) eligibility and graduate psychiatric nurse (GPN) registration.

Our primary mode of communication with applicants is by email. Communications from RPNAS about the RPNCE and your license will be sent via email. Please provide a valid personal email address in your online application and check your email (including your junk folder) on a regular basis. A personal email address is recommended rather than work or educational program email addresses. 

All steps in the application process must be completed before eligibility for the exam and a license can be granted. This includes submission of an online application, payment of all fees, and submission of supporting documentation. When uploading documentation such as identity documents, please ensure that these are high quality pictures where photo, signature and identification numbers are clear.  

You must be eligible to write the RPNCE before a GPN license will be granted and you are able to practice in Saskatchewan. You must have a valid registration with RPNAS in the GPN membership category to use the designation GPN. Successful completion of the RPNCE is a requirement for practicing registration as a registered psychiatric nurse (RPN). 

To be eligible, you must submit the following: 
  • Online application
  • Proof of identification
  • Criminal Record Check – Vulnerable Sector Check (CRC-VSC)
  • R-02 – Confirmation of Registration (if applicable) 

If you do not submit your application and supporting documentation by deadlines, you will not be able to write the exam at the next scheduled writing. Please refer to the Exam Dates and Deadlines section on the RPNCE Information page.

Online Application 

Submit an online application for exam eligibility. Access to the online application will be provided 12-14 weeks in advance of the exam date via your program. If you are not currently a student, please reach out to to be provided with the link. An account must be created to permit access to the Online Application for the RPNCE

Please read the online application form carefully and answer all of the questions thoroughly and honestly. 

Incomplete or missing answers will result in delays and complications. Applicants should be aware that a legal declaration is being signed and the information provided in the application is complete and truthful. Providing incomplete or inaccurate information may result in an application being refused. 

RPNAS requires applicants to provide their full legal name as it appears on photo identification. This identity document will be used to enter the exam writing centre and must match. 


Please indicate the need for accommodations by emailing and requesting the forms.  The deadline to submit an application and forms is 13 weeks in advance of the exam date. Deadlines will not be extended for any reason. We recommend submitting an application well in advance to collect the necessary supporting documentation.  

Proof of Identity

RPNAS requires submission of two pieces of valid (not expired) government-issued identity documents. The primary copy must have a photo and signature. 

Acceptable forms of primary identification include a copy of: 

  • driver’s license 
  • passport 
  • Permanent Resident Card 
  • Certificate of Indian Status

Secondary identification can include, but are not limited to:

  • health card
  • birth certificate
  • any of the above listed primary IDs  

Name changes are verified via marriage certificate/divorce decree/or change of name certificate. 

RPNAS must receive an application form and identity documents in order to match information in the application with all other documents. Should RPNAS have any questions about identity during the assessment of an application, RPNAS will request clarification or resubmission of documentation. 

Criminal Record Check – Vulnerable Sector Check (CRC-VSC)

CRC-VSCs will only be considered valid within 6 months from the date they are issued. After 6 months, a CRC-VSC is no longer valid and a new result is required. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that a CRC-VSC remains valid throughout the application process. 

Caution should be exercised when using agencies providing services for obtaining VSCs. It is best to obtain the VSC from local police or RCMP detachment.

RPNAS requires a VSC as part of the CRC. A CRC will not be accepted if it is not accompanied by the VSC portion. This could result in a delay of your application being assessed and your name not being placed on the exam list to write the RPNCE.  

VSC’s may be returned directly to RPNAS via email to Submitted documents must be clear and legible. Poor quality scans and photographs will be returned and new copy requested.

Applicants should retain the original VSC provided by the police service. Should RPNAS have any questions about a CRC-VSC during the assessment of an application, RPNAS will request clarification, resubmission of documentation or submission of the original document. 

R-02 – Confirmation of Registration

RPNAS requires evidence  from each licensing authority in every jurisdiction where an applicant was entitled to practice a profession. This includes health and non-health professions from any jurisdiction in Canada and external to Canada. Complete Section A of the form and submit it to the appropriate regulator(s). 

R-02 forms must be returned directly to RPNAS by regulatory authorities. They cannot be accept from any other source.

Please contact for a copy of the form.

Once all documentation is reviewed, an eligibility letter will be forwarded advising you of next steps in the exam process.  

Click here for information about the RPNCE. Critical dates and procedures are available at the end of this link. 

Applicants that have been made eligible to write the RPNCE will be contacted by RPNAS to inform of eligibility and steps to apply for a GPN license. 

Online Application for GPN License
  1. Log into the online portal using the same email address and password used when applying for the RPNCE.  
  2. Select ‘Registered Temporary Registrant’ to complete the 6 steps of the application including payment of fees. 
  3. Once submitted, the temporary license information will be generated automatically. The applicant will be provided a temporary registration number (T-#) and information pertaining to restrictions and limitations while practicing as a GPN via email. 
Information about fees can be found here. Applicable fees include:
  • Application fee*
  • GPN License fee
  • CNPS Professional Liability Protection**

*An application fee is charged on the first license application only. 
**CNPS is the Canadian Nurses Protective Society. CNPS provides professional liability protection (PLP) for nurses working in Canada. RPNAS bylaws state that all members must have PLP through CNPS. PLP fees are only collected once per calendar year.

Please note these fees are non-refundable and the license fee is not transferable to your active practicing licence.