New Career-long Learning Program Information

In follow-up to introductory information provided at the 2021 Annual Meeting, this email is to inform you of the updated requirements to demonstrate your participation in continuing education for maintenance of your registration with RPNAS. The RPNAS is excited to announce the new Career-long Learning Program.

New requirement:

The new Career-long Learning Program (CLP) will replace the annual member requirement to obtain 10 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Credits per year for maintenance of registration with the RPNAS. After 2021, members will no longer be required to collect and track CPD credits. The new program will be implemented in two phases.

In 2022, members will be required to self-assess their practice based on the standards of psychiatric nursing practice and their specific learning needs, create learning goal(s) relevant to their psychiatric nursing practice, complete learning opportunities relevant to their stated goal, and describe what they have learned from the activities they completed. Members are also required to document the above (forms will be provided).

In 2023 and beyond, members will be required to do the above as well as provide a reflection on how they implemented their learning in their practice and to evaluate their learning.


Members will no longer be required to enter information about their completion of CPD credits prior to registration renewal. Rather, members are required to document their engagement with the new CLP program and retain this documentation for 5 years in case their documents are requested as part of the CLP Verification Process. When renewing their registration, members will declare their compliance with the CLP to be eligible for continued licensure. The CLP Reflective Review Form is designed to help members document their completion of the continuing education requirement for maintenance of registration with the RPNAS.

Click to view an example of the Reflective Practice Review

Member education and supports:

Information about the CLP is available on the RPNAS website.

RPNAS will develop additional learning opportunities to inform you of the CLP requirement. These opportunities will be available in the new year.

RPNAS appreciates hearing from you. If you have questions about the CLP member requirements, please contact the RPNAS at

Beverly Balaski RN BN MNExecutive Director and Registrar#205 – 4401 Albert St | Regina, SK | S4S 6B6306.586.4617  ext. 805