Students and Graduate Nurses

The information in the Students and Graduates web pages is applicable if:

1. You are currently a student in an entry-level RPN education program in
Canada and are close to completing your program or have completed your
program and would like information on writing the Registered Psychiatric
Nurses of Canada Examination (RPNCE) as a Saskatchewan candidate or
obtaining a registration in the graduate psychiatric nurse (GPN) membership
category in Saskatchewan.

2. You are an internationally educated nurse eligible to apply to write the

Testing accommodations are available by submitting forms and must be accompanied
with the online application for the RPNCE.

All application fees are non-refundable.
Application Fee = $200
GPN Membership Fee= $334.38 (one third of the practicing registration fee)
CNPS Professional Liability Protection (PLP) = $96.86
RPNCE Fee (payable to Meazure Learning] = $695 + tax

RPN Practicing Membership Fees
Registering to practice in the first half of the year Jan 01- Dec 31 = $1003.14
Registering to practice in the second half of the year July 01 – Dec 31 = $601.88

More Information
RPNAS Registration Services
Phone: 306.586.4617
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