Practicing RPN Registration

Applying for a Practicing RPN Registration

Once the RPNCE has been successfully completed, applicants are eligible to apply for an initial practicing RPN registration with RPNAS. Upon successful completion of the RPNCE, RPNAS will be in contact with applicants with further instructions for registering for a RPN practicing registration. Conversion from GPN to RPN registration is expected for passing candidates once the results of the RPNCE are known.

Any applicant who wishes to initially practise as a RPN in Saskatchewan must hold a practicing RPN registration.

Standards of Psychiatric Nursing Practice, Code of Ethics, and Consultation Services

Members holding a RPN license are subject to requirements of the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act, 1993, RPNAS bylaws, the Standards of Psychiatric Nursing Practice,  Code of Ethics, and all applicable provincial and federal legislation.

RPNAS provides confidential practice consultation services to proactively support RPNs to practice safely. Please access these services as needed by emailing or by calling 306-586-4617. 

Career-long Learning Program (CLP)

Click here to learn more about what you need to know about the CLP as you transition to practice in Saskatchewan. 

Use of Protected or Reserved Title – RPN 

Under the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act, 1993, no person other than a practising member shall use the title “psychiatric nurse”, “Registered Psychiatric Nurse”, the abbreviation “PN” or “RPN” or any word, title or designation, abbreviated or otherwise, to imply that the person is a practising member.

As per RPNAS bylaws, you are responsible for ensuring that RPNAS has all updated information pertaining to any change of name, address, telephone number(s), electronic mail address, or any registration information previously provided to the Registrar, within 30 days of the change. 


Please contact:
The RPNAS Registration team
T: 1.306.586.4617